Paydit is here to Transform your Collections.

For every stakeholder involved in debt collections, Paydit introduces a ground-breaking way to collect debt. Jumpstart your brand-new collection processes with easy onboarding, and the solution will yield you more successful collections with less effort for your part.

Why choose us?

Working with the latest AI and ML technologies, we leverage the power of data to help you stay in touch with the consumer across digital touchpoints and meet their day-to-day needs

In this ever-changing business landscape, we’re always ready to come an extra mile to keep up with innovation! We’re constantly improving our skills in developing cutting-edge technology solutions for collections and lending. 

Knowing what your business and your clients need, we deliver you the product with this knowledge in mind, empowering you with the best-in-class consumer-centric service.

Paydit is a game-changer for collectors that makes debt collection simple as never before, bringing delight to consumers through their journey in the system and encouraging them to return to you when they need a loan. 

Industries we serve

Debt collection takes its part practically in every financial organization — and Paydit caters for the needs of each of them.


Stay proactive when managing consumer and (or) commercial debt with streamlined debt collection procedures and compliance with internal and external collection policies.

Credit Unions

Maximize debt recoveries and reduce post-charge-off accounts with flexible payment plans that allow consumers to negotiate the sum to pay and billing frequency.

Financial Institutions

Advance your collection workflows by reducing write-offs and improving cash flows to ultimately enhance customer relations and discover new sales opportunities.

Fintech Lenders

Leave the times when you had to track and follow up with consumers and predict debt recovery behind with fully automated debt collections.


Improve patient billing and collections by leveraging a data-driven approach to creating personalized payment plans based on the patient’s payment history.

Collection agencies

Paydit lets you set the rules for collecting payments, up to each individual plan, and track collections performance in generic and custom reports.

Consumer Finance

Issue and manage loans in one place and accept payments online through automatic withdrawal. Provide installment loans with several resolution options.


Automate your Business Process Outsourcing and pull data from self-generated reports to make the right decisions on where you’re getting the best results for clients.


Leverage a modern solution with built-in digital communication tools and integrated self-service, where consumers are free to choose how to repay debt.

and many more!

Technology stack

jQuery, HTML, CSS, .Net Framework 4.6, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET WebForms, SOAP/REST Web Services

Database server:

AWS server:

“In due time, they delivered a full-scale automated solution that effectively covered all aspects of our debt negotiation and settlement.”

VP of Product Management

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