The machine learning collection, negotiation, and communication platform for businesses, governments & agencies


Digitally transform your collections with
a white-labeled negotiation & settlement solution

Ready to collect when you are

Time is money, and rapid deployment means you’re ready to go-live in days, not weeks. It’s steep results, without the steep learning curve

Think, out-of-the-box

Paydit comes ready with everything to start recovering from day one. Harness a deep learning engine with years of data, built-in compliance, and a library of proven digital communication templates that drive engagement & commitment

The agent that never sleeps

Empower consumers with a convenient & flexible self-service portal that puts them in control. 65% of user engagement occurs after business hours, or on the weekend, When you’re sleeping, our machine is still hard at work, recovering for you.

Reimagining the repayment experience for all stages

Recover more, with less

Envision a world where fewer resources result in more recoveries. Reduce overhead, improve recovery and put more time back into your day

Compliance, on auto-pilot

With constantly evolving rules & regulations, the legal landscape is getting increasingly difficult to navigate. Our platform has guardrails built in, so you can recover fast, without driving into issues

How do we deliver 10X results?


Upload and Go with behavioural segmentation, ready today templates and custom cadences

Omni-Channel Communications

Meet consumers where they want to be met, with Email, SMS, Voicemail and Social, all on a single, scalable platform

Self Service Consumer Portal

Give consumers the power to repay balances with a flexible, convenient and self-serve digital experience

Flexible Payment Options

Offer consumers the ability to Pay in Full, Pay over Time or the option to Negotiate to Settle for Less

Sign agreements & Audit logs

Signed all legal documents online and create account summaries and audit logs for every consumer interaction.

Intelligent Reporting

Deeply understand what drives performance with intelligent and real-time reporting that empower growth


Grow with Paydit

Our machine learning and repayment platform integrates
with tools you already use, so you can continue to grow

Ready to digitally transform your recoveries?