A next-gen solution for debt negotiation

Paydit is a white-label, online debt negotiation platform that leverages AI and ML to empower consumers with a comfortable, self-serving digital negotiation experience available 24/7.

How Paydit works

Paydit automates the entire debt settlement process, from negotiating debt terms to payment tracking and analytics.

Customize consumer journey

The number of installments, payment schedule, billing frequency, payment options, and many other parameters — with Paydit, you can adjust almost every aspect of debt settlement to fit your business processes.

After the initial system set up, you’ll have access to all the key customization options, reporting, and statistics.

Provide flexible payment options

Paydit offers your consumer to choose from several debt resolution options; how the debt will be paid based on your presets and consumer capabilities and preferences.

Sign agreements online

Signed documents may include Settlement Agreement, Regulation E Disclosure, or any other required legal paperwork.

Track your progress

In the end, the system automatically creates an account summary page for every consumer, allowing them to track the status of their payment plan, and keeps consumers in the loop through reminders and notifications until the debt is settled.

Access comprehensive statistics

Evaluate overall performance and debtor activities at a glance with built-in reports, including payment option ratio, created installments per day, unique debtor logins over time, and more. For even more detailed insight, we can add custom reports with the info of your choosing.

Provide flexible payment options

Paydit offers your consumer to choose from several debt resolution options; how the debt will be paid based on your presets and consumer capabilities and preferences.

Pay in full

The consumer can negotiate to pay the debt in full immediately or in a set number of installments.

Negotiate to pay less  

Alternatively, the consumer can try to negotiate to pay less. The system will offer payment plans to pay a percent from the amount they owe which can be accepted by the consumer or renegotiated again until the agreement is reached.

Flexible payments

The system can also be used on all stages of delinquency, allowing collectors to negotiate payment plans for a portion of the past-due amount or create their own flexible payment plans based on the consumer’s financial capabilities and schedule.


Paydit is an online platform for debt negotiation that makes the dialog between the creditor and consumer fast, efficient, and convenient. Negotiate and pay past-due accounts anytime, from anywhere. Leverage AI-driven and fully digital consumer communication, regulatory-compliant automated service, and real-time payment monitoring and analytics.


A standalone white-label solution which offers flexible payment plans based on the parameters you set


You pay only a % from successfully collected debts, with no manual labor overheads

Always available

The automated service is available 24/7, all-year, guaranteeing your consumer a better communication, prompt support without human error, and constant access


The solution follows TCPA, FDCPA, EAPO, and other laws, and easily adjustable to all local regulations, ensuring auditable consumer interaction


In addition to already integrated payment processors, you can add any payment provider that you trust, to guarantee secure payments to consumers


With no pressure from collectors, increased transparency and control, your consumers’ experience will improve significantly


“In due time, they delivered a full-scale automated solution that effectively covered all aspects of our debt negotiation and settlement.”

VP of Product Management

The U.S. Lending Company

“Our concern was paying over time, instead of in full, would deter the consumers we were trying to collect on, and it was quite the opposite. We found the consumer is trying to pay off the debt asap. We thought the email opt-in would also deter, but that wasn’t the case either.”

Director of Operational Strategies

Debt Collection Agency

“Paydit fine-tuned the debt collection processes in my company, using the latest technological innovations.”


POS Financial Services Company

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Paydit gives you everything you need to negotiate and pay past-due accounts anytime, from anywhere.

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